Orinoco to boost Nigerian economy with e-commerce strategy


Orinoco to boost Nigerian economy with e-commerce strategy

Orinoco Global Corps, an online international shopping venture said it is set to boost Nigeria’s economy with its e-commerce policyexpected to reduce the current inflation rate with a comprehensive e-commerce strategy.

The firm’s Country Director, Michael Okay, who stated this during a press conference held in Lagos recently  said the platform will help promote farm produce and enrich farmers. 

“The platform is equipped to meet customers’ need with low-interest rate and deliver products, goods, and services to customers’ doorstep. We are injecting funds into the system to boost the economy and help Nigerian youths including local food producers. We are aware of the inflation in the country and have also made plans to help the country overcome its currently economic challenges.

With orinoco.com.ng and Orinocofood.com.ng there are unlimited possibilities for the youth to be gainfully employed during lockdowns” he said.

 Michael added that COVID -19 pandemic exposed the gap in the nation’s e-commerce space leading to the market being flooded with inferior products. 

“We are aware of the competition in the country before we decided to open our shop here and are also aware that the market is flooded with fake products and that is where our niche is. We want to provide Nigerians with quality products and we are aware Nigeria’s e-commerce is not at the optimum.”


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