Orinoco thrill customers with Ghen Ghen promotion.


Orinoco thrill customers with Ghen Ghen promotion.



Orinoco thrill customers with Ghen Ghen promotion.



By Collins Nkwocha 


One of the fast rising e-commerce giants in Nigeria, Orinoco.com.ng has introduced a very enticing and magnetising in order to stand out and maintain their cherished customers. 


The "Ghen Ghen promotion" gives you 10% discount from any purchase you make from Orinoco. Com.ng, 10% discount all over the platform plus up to N30k in free funds in freebies, free fuel, free food purchases in Orinocofood.com.ng, etc .It is paramount and essential to know that this measure was effected in order to satisfy and maintain their highly esteemed customers. 


It is imperative to note that Orinoco.com.ng started operational arrangements in Nigeria in the year 2018 before launching out officially some couple of weeks ago,it is a subsidiary of Orinoco Global Corps, a US based e-commerce platform;being a subsidiary of the American based platform guarantees customers of originality at a very affordable price. 



Orinoco Nigeria is not limited to Lagos State alone, it has the capability to deliver goods to you anywhere you might be in Nigeria,it offers you the same type of services obtainable from Jumia and Konga,and even better, with the introduction of Orinoco foods. 



Orinoco Nigeria is still currently registering vendors and merchants for free ,it's also important to note that they have unparalleled logistics for both the food delivery and the e-commerce delivery. According to Mr. Michael Franklin Okay,the head of Orinoco Nigeria, he said "it is important to note that Orinoco intend to partner with manufacturers and factories in Nigeria ,exporting their products into the world market, using the export oriented logistics platforms ,we may include some Nigerian manufacturers into our international platform,that will give them the privilege to deliver products into over 150 countries of the world ".


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